Master Your Energy to Reach
Next Level Well-Being So You Can Create Your Desires With More Ease

Welcome Home, Powerful Creator!

I’m so happy you’ve found your way here.

Everything is energy, but few people truly know how to manage theirs.

You’re here because you sense that the paradigm has shifted and there’s a new way of being that can help you attain your highest level of health, happiness, fulfillment and success…without pushing harder or hustling more.

You’re right. And the new way (ok-the ONLY way and the original way)… is to master your energy.

Creating your personal and professional desires doesn’t have to be a struggle if you learn to expand your capacity so you can intentionally set and sustain your highest vibrational state and powerfully create your desires.

I’m here to support soul-driven women and entrepreneurs like you in creating those physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energetic shifts that will help you align with your highest, best, TRUE self.

And when you do…you’ll feel confident, capable and vibrant and everything else in your life will follow your lead and start to harmoniously fall into place.

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Training your brain to access a sovereign state on command so you can be at peace with taking fast action and sharing more of your gifts with the world.

Utilizing your body as the ultimate sensory discernment tool so you can hear Divine guidance clearly and move forward confidently in the direction of your deepest, most fulfilling purpose.

How to stop getting trapped in stress reactions and emotional pressure caused by external events and negative energetic influences.

Building your Capacity by learning to avoid the most common mistakes women make that actually block their ability to receive abundance and their desires.

Learning where you’ve gone wrong with Law of Attraction and how to course correct.

Signs that you’re disconnecting as a coping skill and how to release trauma imprints and connect with yourself and your higher power again.

You were born of the light.

From every cell in your body to the command center of your brain to your thoughts, emotions and intuition… your very nature is electric…frequency.

You’re in this 3D life to deliver your Divine purpose and highest potential and that requires you to FEEL GOOD FIRST because we attract what we feel!

We’re multidimensional energy beings and science shows we are more energetic waves than we are solid matter… which means YOU, Sweet Soul, are 96% pure energetic potential.

Most energy or mindset coaches will tell you all there is to managing energy is managing your thoughts, but although our thoughts do carry a frequency, there’s more to it than that.

To become an Energy Master, you get to go beyond mindset management alone and:


Get out of your head and into your body so you can use your body’s healing wisdom to ground yourself and protect yourself from negative energy and distractions that drain you and lower your vibrational frequency.


Self-Regulate your Nervous System and brain chemistry with preventative and in-the-moment techniques that help you to avoid getting trapped in stress reactions and emotional pressure caused by external events that are out of your control. This is self-mastery to navigate life’s curveballs with greater grace and self-authority.


Expand your Capacity and resilience so you can start responding to situations, events and people in your life versus reacting. Stay focused and on course as you unlearn the push and hustle way of getting things done and begin to achieve more with greater ease and flow… and without sacrificing your health, time or peace of mind.


Tune your Frequency consistently both change to by first releasing emotional and trauma imprints, resistance, energetic blocks and scattered, divergent frequencies that cause you to have a tight grip on life and then fill yourself up with feel good frequencies that align with overall well-being.

Don’t let the mind overcomplicate this. Mastering your energy is simply aligning your energy with your highest self…Body, Mind & Soul.

It is my Divine purpose to support you with that.


Leah isn’t just a coach… And in my experience, I found myself wanting to peel back more and more layers the more time I spent with Leah and the amazing group of humans on similar journeys. I had a lifetime of trauma, codependency, conditioned behaviors, and deep lack of self-esteem. I have always been very motivated and successful, but just pushing through life and doing exactly what I thought I should and needed to do. Leah doesn’t just  give you a set of tools and send you on your way…or  just flood you with information. Her style challenges you to get to the core of your true soul and self, to shed the years of made up stories, deep fears and lack of abundant behaviors. To TRUST! BELIEVE! And LOVE! She challenges you to grow and to reinvent yourself, while nurturing the perfect being you have always been. Whether it’s one on one or in group settings it is always a safe place to be completely vulnerable. I have grown beyond what I had ever imagined and continue to do so every day. I have many tools now! I can’t wait to see the journeys I will take. 

Cindy ~ CA

President, R&R Refrigeration ~ Doing business in the Bay Area for 60 years

Calling All Soul-Driven Women
with a Purpose, Entrepreneurs & Powerful Creators

Everything is energy but few people know how to master theirs. Grab this complimentary 3-Part training + activation series now so you can unlearn the hustle and reconnect with Divine energy flow. You’ll begin to create your desires and share your gifts from a state of more ease.

In this series, you’ll experience:

Module 1: Tuning in to Divine Guidance
Module 2: Expand Your Capacity to Do More With Greater Ease
Module 3: Going Beyond Money Mindset to Wealth Frequency

Each Module is partnered with a Somatic Energy Activation which is a daily practice similar to a meditation, but far more powerful!

You’ll get out of your head and ground in your body and use the power of your own energy to erase, eradicate, eliminate and remove old programming and imprints without “thinking” about it at all.

You’ll send energy to cells and power centers and give your body new light directives and energetic instructions that help you form a solid connection with the Divine.

You’ll attune your energy to the frequency of your Soul’s deepest desires.

Learn to Elevate Your FREQUENCY to Instantly Create POWERFUL Results in Your Life, Health, Happiness and Abundance

When all the meditation and exercise you practice, healthy organic food you eat and mindset management classes you take still leave you struggling to create lasting abundant health, wealth and happiness, it’s time for a new approach.

There’s a quantum reason that tools and modalities that have worked for others haven’t worked for you or why the things that worked for you in the past stop working and it’s not what you think.

Is working harder or putting in more hours the only way you know how to accomplish more in your business and life?

Time management is a myth. Learn to master your energy instead.

Join me for this month’s Manage Your Energy BEYOND Your Time Vision Activation Workshop so you can achieve MORE with greater ease

It’s not easy bringing your soul purpose to fruition without burning out, getting discouraged, struggling or falling into self-sabotaging patterns. This is the show where spiritually conscious leaders, coaches, healers & entrepreneurs come to fill up their cup and break out of “push and hustle” so they can create more with greater ease.

Do you wish you…

  • had more discipline and willpower?
  • felt more motivated and excited about your work and life?
  • could stay focused on what matters most?

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