I’ve had a sense that everything was energy from a very young age. Though I certainly didn’t have the words to describe it, God spoke to me in vibrational messages and nudges…knowings… and I experienced occurrences of astral travel. I had a high awareness and receptivity for the energy put out by other people, animals, nature and everything in our world.

Then I entered adulthood and began a successful corporate career and became a master of ignoring those energetic impulses. After more than a decade climbing the corporate ladder, I hit a wall. Feeling exhausted, burned out and disenchanted by how I was living my life… one day I suddenly walked away with absolutely no plan.

It was then that I reconnected with God and my purpose…eventually.

I thought I’d feel better once I was out from under the pressure of my fast-paced career, but I actually felt worse. In reality, I simply had the time to even notice how I felt again. I began a health journey that uncovered neurotransmitter depletion, adrenal burnout and hormone imbalance. Simultaneously, I reconnected with my higher power intuition and began playing with the power of my thoughts to create new vibrations that created new life experiences. One of my first steps was to create a Vision board and within 18 months, every single thing on that board had come true, including recovery of those physical health issues.

I’ve since started and continue to run 2 businesses, 1st an executive search company and 2nd a transformative coaching and retreat company. I’ve met and married my Key Spiritual Partner, traveled to 6 continents and had experiences I’d never imagined like repelling off of natural arches in Utah, entertaining monks at the ranch (with a little horseback riding thrown in too), residing in an ashram in Bali, surfing CA and HI, kiteboarding in tiger shark habitat off Maui, riding my horse all over the CO Rockies and other parts of the country and diving with great white sharks in South Africa. I’ve done humanitarian work in West Africa and the Amazon, become a published author, keynote speaker and Associate Producer of a TV series and enjoyed a nomadic, freedom lifestyle for 20 years.

We are multidimensional beings-body, conscious and subconscious mind and spirit. And we are constantly influenced by the vibration of everything in our world. I believe we are more energetic waves than we are solid matter which means we are 96% pure energetic potential.

I believe life is meant to be enjoyed and we are meant to feel good and we can unlearn the hustle, expand our capacity, dissolve energetic and emotional blocks and conditioning and learn to attune to our Higher Power.

When we do, we have the ability to create any desired reality we choose.

My life experience has shown that to be true and I’ve helped countless clients do the same.

I’ve created One Whole Health™ and the Spiritual Wealth Creation Method™ based on my experience and training as an Energy Coach, Brain Coach, Neuro Nutrient Therapist, Hypnotherapist + Spiritual Leader. We offer transformational coaching programs and award-winning retreats for powerful creators looking to live consciously and create positive change in our world by first creating inner alignment.

Practical Magic: Blending my experience and credentials in Neuro Nutrient Therapy, Brain Coaching, Breathwork, Frequency Therapy, German New Medicine™, Ancestral/Trauma/Shame Healing, Laughter Yoga™, Hypnotherapy, CBT and RTT™ I teach a unique approach to energy management that helps you move out of sabotaging patterns and the energy of push, hustle, struggle and into the embodiment of ease, grace and flow. For more than a decade, I’ve coached thousands to quantum leap into their full potential as powerful creators of their chosen reality.

I’m an award-winning Author, Speaker, Host of The #IAmVibrant podcast and Associate Producer of Awaken Giants Season 1. At heart, I’m a Frequency Whisperer, Ego Mind Checker (including my own) and Unshakeable Believer in Possibility.

For nearly 20 years, I’ve enjoyed a digital nomad freedom lifestyle whether at “home” on the ranch in Colorado with my beloved husband (Key Spiritual Partner, I prefer), horses, kitties, steer and Guru (dog named Jack), loving up on my BONUS family as mother spirit to a daughter, son and 3 grandchildren or traveling and experiencing this beautiful planet…6 continents and counting.

I’ve long held a Vision for our world and it’s that of a New Human. A new human that fully embodies the multi-dimensional consciousness that is weaving the new earth. This is a Vision of conscious leaders giving rise to acceptance and allowance. The new human that embraces freedom as a value and offers all the freedom to think , and better yet, feel for themselves so they can act from this inner alignment. For when we do that as individuals, together, we create change- the new way.

It’s my mission to support you in attuning your energy to the Divine so you can create your desired reality with ease and flow.

Leah Lund is the Creator of One Whole Health™ and the Spiritual Wealth Creation Method™ and an award-winning Author, Speaker and Host of the #IAmVibrant podcast. Based on her credentials and experience as an Energy Coach, Brain Coach, Breathwork Leader, Neuro Nutrient Therapist, Laughter Yoga Leader, Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Leader, Leah provides transformational coaching programs and award-winning retreats that support soul-drive women, entrepreneurs, and powerful creators in mastering your energy to create next level health, happiness and success. Leah helps you expand your capacity so you can do more with greater ease and less “push and hustle”. She’s devoted to supporting you in restoring your vibrant energy and creating your most fulfilling life. Her Inspirement Life™ planner is a weekly planner like no other that helps you breathe life into your dreams and pursue those desires while still balancing life’s other responsibilities.


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