If you shy away from goals, especially money goals, because you don’t think it’s very spiritual to make money, here’s some truth:

The reason money and money goals feel bad or yucky to you doesn’t have anything to do with spirituality.

It’s the meaning YOU are attaching to money and goals that feels bad.

Listen to this episode to understand the difference between “creating” instead of “making” and learn a process to shift resistant thoughts about goals and money.

I’m going beyond mindset management to energy management as I teach how to hear guidance more loudly and build a bridge from that guidance to 3D action by creating goals the new earth way.

Because you ARE here to create…all as a tribute to the creator.

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Hello Sweet Soul, I'm Leah Lund! I’m an unshakeable believer of possibility, an EGO mind checker, a subconscious belief shifter, and a Child of God devoted to clearing all that blocks you from being your most powerful self.  I’m an Energy Coach, Spiritual Leader, Hypnotherapist & Breathwork Guide and I’m known for helping soul-driven entrepreneurs and business leaders ground their mind and align their vibration with their deepest desires and create wealth and abundance in every area of their life. 

As a leader of transformation retreats, adventure travel excursions, and powerful group and private coaching and online programs,  I’ve helped countless powerful creators get out of their head and their comfort zone as they learn to manage their energy and make their soul’s purpose their new reality.