Hint: It Takes MORE than a Change of Thought to Change Your Reality

No matter the kind of change you’re wanting to create in your life, health or business… thought management alone won’t get you there.

Not if you’re giving away your energy or getting stuck in the pattern of creating your own energy leaks.

Mindset management IS important and thoughts DO create reality, but thought management is limited if you’re relying on simply thinking a new thought and lack awareness of the energy your FOCUS is creating.

In this episode, I’m going beyond mindset management to cover:

  • Why mindset management alone won’t help you change your reality.
  • How you might be working against your own brain and energetic design and not even realize it.
  • The role of focus and attention in creating a new desired reality.
  • The role of your BODY in energy management.
  • How you might be unconsciously splitting your energy even when you’re excited and focused on a goal.

All so you can stop sabotaging your natural energetic nature and start creating the change you desire.

Hello Sweet Soul, I'm Leah Lund! I’m an unshakeable believer of possibility, an EGO mind checker, a subconscious belief shifter, and a Child of God devoted to clearing all that blocks you from being your most powerful self.  I’m an Energy Coach, Spiritual Leader, Hypnotherapist & Breathwork Guide and I’m known for helping soul-driven entrepreneurs and business leaders ground their mind and align their vibration with their deepest desires and create wealth and abundance in every area of their life. 

As a leader of transformation retreats, adventure travel excursions, and powerful group and private coaching and online programs,  I’ve helped countless powerful creators get out of their head and their comfort zone as they learn to manage their energy and make their soul’s purpose their new reality.