Nothing fills my soul and puts a smile on my heart more than celebrating the Powerful Creators I’m honored to serve. I call this section Praise because I know, without a shadow of a doubt, the transformations I’m blessed to guide are miracles of co-creation with God. So yes…this is praise for our Creator and the healing work I’m guided and grateful to do.

Is working harder or putting in more hours the only way you know how to accomplish more in your business and life?

Time management is a myth. Learn to master your energy instead.

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It’s not easy bringing your soul purpose to fruition without burning out, getting discouraged, struggling or falling into self-sabotaging patterns. This is the show where spiritually conscious leaders, coaches, healers & entrepreneurs come to fill up their cup and break out of “push and hustle” so they can create more with greater ease.

Do you wish you…

  • had more discipline and willpower?
  • felt more motivated and excited about your work and life?
  • could stay focused on what matters most?

Take our Self Scoring Brain Chemistry Assessment now to see if the root cause of feeling overwhelm, procrastination, anxiety, self-doubt or self-sabotage isn’t you, but rather your brain!

I’m embracing this next phase of life and feel stronger and happier…

I met Leah two days after my 60th birthday and 60 is such a turning point of time. I was asking “How am I going to live the last phase of my life? I’d had all these plans and all of a sudden…now is the time and I’m wondering…am I really going to do it? Put what I know into practice? Be a different person? Working with Leah, everything changed. I am embracing this next phase and I feel stronger and happier. I don’t have to pretend I’m anything anymore (I even stopped covering my white hair). I’ve attracted a younger energy to myself and its amazing!!

Debbie ~ CO

Founder, Non-Profit Organization + Mom

So much more than another program…a transformational journey.

After years in many “transformation” programs I had a solid understanding of the concepts, ideas and teaching and yet I saw minimal and very slow changes no matter how hard I tried. Leah, lovingly and gently took me by the hand and guided me through as I navigated the deep places within me that were blocked and holding me back from the life I had been so desperately fighting for. It has been an intimate and deep experience of going within myself, finding and getting to know ME. I can now say I actually love ME. I am learning how to care for myself and navigate life from a place of inner power, freedom and joy. So much more than “another program” but a truly “transformational” journey” one step at a time. I have gained more than words can say, as well as a handful of cherished soul sisters to continue the journey of life in connection, support, love and freedom that I was seeking for so long. With great gratitude,

Carla ~ WA

Occupational Therapy Assistant + Functional Nutrition Coach

I stepped into my power and began trusting my spiritual gifts in business and life…

I was at a point in life where I wasn’t trusting all the spiritual gifts that were coming through to me and in my business, I was letting a masculine business owning experience run my life. And I wasn’t getting the best results financially or in my relationships in life. I wasn’t even sleeping at night. Through working with Leah, for the first time ever, I was able to step away from the doing, doing, doing, going, going, going and finally step into my power. I finally stepped into talking about God in my work. I hired an Asst in my business for the first time and my relationship with my significant other was greatly improved.

I strongly recommend coaching with Leah if you’re a Business Owner and believer that you are a world transformer looking for Divine, ease and feminine flow.

Candice ~ Living where God sends me

Soul Purpose + Spiritual Leadership Coach

I cleared brain fog along with self-doubt and anxiety and sold out my online program during the beginning of the pandemic!…

Leah helped me to stabilize my energy and cut down on caffeine. I discovered I had a serious case of brain fog, which I only realized once I didn’t have it anymore. I was suddenly much more focused, motivated and efficient with my time. I can now easily navigate the self-doubt and greatly reduce anxiety I was experiencing and I even launched and sold out my online program even though it was the beginning of the pandemic! Months into my “new normal” I’m still surprised by how well I’m feeling physically, mentally and emotionally. I feel confident that I can navigate the ups and downs of life and my business and know how to best support myself along the way. I loved working with Leah and I’m so grateful I found her.

Rachel ~ Mi

Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Ayurvedic Practitioner + Mom

I’ve opened my heart and have a new level of confidence and awareness and enjoy running my business more than ever before…

I have a level of confidence and awareness I’ve never had before. I’m celebrating ME for doing the work to release the pain, suffering, toxicity, abuse, and neglect of the past, I’ve created an abundant amount of time and no longer spend that time spinning and feeling guilty about having created it! I’ve taken off the protective shield around my heart and opened up 100%. I now enjoy running this business I’ve created and looking forward to what I create next! Working with Leah has brought me to such a place of peace and realization that it all needed to happen because I have so much more to do and give for me and others.

Cindy ~ CA

President, R&R Refrigeration ~ Doing business in the Bay Area for 60 years

If you’re looking for someone to support you in up-leveling your life, get a hold of Leah!

My experience with Leah began with her amazing Brain Makeover program where I learned to eat without guilt or shame. I lost 14 lbs and though I’d been sober for nearly 10 years, I felt an inner peace that I’d never experienced since drugs and alcohol. I was drawn to Leah’s gentle nature and ability to see me even when I was unraveling at the seams and that led me to do one on one and group coaching with her as well and it was life-changing. 10+ years later I’m a Coach now and Leah had a huge part in sharpening my skills and creating opportunities for me to fly. Coaches need Coaches and if anyone who is reading this is looking for someone to support them in up-leveling in life, get ahold of Leah!

Crystal ~ WA

Chief Dreamer at Dreamweaver Consulting

I was playing at life and now I’ve activated my creative and artistic self.

I was “playing” at life at a surface level, not really delving into a deeper connection with myself. I’ve gotten to know who I truly am and to stop playing the games of pleasing, belonging, not enough, perfectionism and disenchantment. I’ve opened up to living a life of joy, happiness, wonder and I’ve reclaimed and activated my creative and artistic self. I now see what “pushing” is and how it was creating limitations and conditions in my life. I’m taking radical action that is stimulating my vision and living with intentionality.

Christina ~ CO

Artist, Writer, Creativity Guide/Coach + Facilitator

Leah helped me feel like a human being again and find the joy that was missing.

After having 3 kids in 4 years my body was depleted and I thought I was doomed to be a “Monster Mom” forever. I was overwhelmed with my messy house, yelling at my kids and not feeling attractive to my husband. Leah helped me feel like a human being again! I’ve broken through roadblocks in my mind, have less anxiety and can let go of things that don’t matter. I found the joy that was missing in my life and I know I’m worthy of that joy!

Lindsey ~ WI

Mental Health Coach + Mom

I am living a healthier, better life…

For those beautiful souls looking to understand their bodies, their minds, and their spirits…Join Leah Lund and her work! Leah has such a sweet, authentic and peaceful presence about her that will make you feel comfortable right away. I lovingly refer to her as my *brain coach*. After journeying with her back in 2015, I remember looking back a few years later and realizing, “Hey, I haven’t had my bi-annual marital meltdown!” Her knowledge, training and wisdom have stuck with me for many years and I absolutely love passing on what I have learned to my own daughters. Because of Leah and her dedication to supporting women, I am living a healthier, better life! Ask her about her “Soulful Life Insurance Plan,” It’s a game-changer! You won’t be disappointed. God blesses those who join Leah and her work.

Gia Lorraine ~ CA

Author | Educator | Mindfulness Coach Specializing in EFT | Educational Consultant Focusing on SEL and Emotional Intelligence for the classroom

In searching for answers for my insomnia, I learned to embrace being an Empath.

With Leah’s guidance I went from sleeping 3-5 hours a night to sleeping 7-9! But more than that, Leah opened my eyes to the fact that I can make miracles happen in my life and started creating them. I learned how to change my thought patterns, “be” with my emotions and circulate my energy. I can now be ok with making mistakes and have learned to love myself enough to invest in myself and the more I do, the more deeply I’ve been able to love and connect with my children and husband. Because of Leah, I realized I’m an Empath and she taught me how to not only cope with that but to embrace it as the gift it is.

Carol ~ MI

Carol’s Coaching and Caring for Seniors and Special Needs Homeschool Coach + Mom

I’m a happier and healthier person. My spirit and soul are soaring!…

I can’t tell you how much your coaching has enriched my life, Leah. I have grown in so many ways. I am a happier and healthier person. I truly love myself and I’m quick to forgive myself if I make a mistake. Living through the pandemic was extremely difficult and having your coaching guide me made it so much easier. Having the many tools that I’ve learned with your guidance has made my life so much richer, fuller, and easier. With my emotional capacity growing and a calmness acquired with mediation and prayer I am feeling the joy of life. My body feels good, my mind feels good, and my spirit and soul are soaring! Thank you, Leah for your guidance and helping me change my life.

Bethany ~ OR

Retired Dancer & Dance Instructor, NAMI Facilitator + Mom + Grandma

I’ve lost 40 lbs and detoxed harshness for myself and others…


I’m keeping the weight off with a healthy indifference. I’ve learned to feel my feelings and ask for what I need. I’m less stressed and more flexible. My relationship with my husband is better than ever. I’ve taught new skills to the employees in our business and we’ve all become more efficient. I’ve made huge mindset shifts and I’ve detoxed the harshness I had for others and myself. I can focus on my happiness and be at peace.

Kelly ~ CO

Business Owner + Mother

I slowed down and became more present, heart centered and emotionally connected and able to ask what I really want for this part of my life…

When I started working with Leah, it was the first time in my life I have stopped to think about what I really want. In the past, I was on auto-pilot or did things because of social or personal “CONDITIONING.” Now I’m much more present and heart centered and emotionally connected. I’ve increased my awareness and am beginning to slow down enough to feel my emotions. I’m calmer and less reactionary. I realize I have complete control over my life.

Laurie ~ CA

Retiree Creating Next Vision + Mom

This journey led me to ME…I ditched sugar and improved my sleep and learned to change my thoughts…

I came to Leah to address sugar addiction/cravings and to sleep better.  I am thrilled to report significantly improved sleep and the sugar addiction and cravings that used to plague my thoughts and result in self criticism are hardly present anymore. My indulgences now are choices and not out of control. My focus and goals have shifted dramatically from obtaining “things” or experiences to diving inward and realizing the power of my mind and I now understand I have the power to flip, or change my thoughts. I took this giant leap of faith and courage and learned to face the unknown, take risks, be vulnerable, acknowledge my accomplishments, do the work and come to myself with love, acceptance, forgiveness and allowance. This journey led me to me.

Kim ~ UT

Manager, Wellness Industry + Mom + Grandma

I got my body balanced and went from sleeping 4 to 8 hours the first night!

I don’t know where to start! Leah is a beautiful person inside and out. I got my body and brain balanced out with Neuro Nutrition. The first night, I slept 8 hours when I’d only been sleeping 4 and had given up on figuring that out. The journaling part really helped me get my thoughts out of my head. I had never journaled before. It opened doors that were locked tight and that I wasn’t even aware of. Leah is a grounded non-judgemental, beautiful soul who cares about her clients. OH-and the retreats are fabulous!

Yvonne ~ GA

Gestalt Equine Therapist + Coach

Leah helped me remove emotional blocks that were there for years…

I came to Leah burned out, anxious and depressed and very much wanting to make a change in my life, having tried many other methods.  And, I am so glad that I did.  Within three months I was able to reverse my brain chemistry depletion symptoms, feel little to no cravings for carbs and sweets and have a clear head to finally be able to envision and go for my dreams!  The hypnotherapy sessions were so helpful.  I feel with Leah’s help I was able to remove emotional blocks that have been there for years.  Now I can so much more easily advocate for myself, believe in myself, and maintain value in my desires.  If you are reading this and thinking about working with Leah.  I hope that you take a leap and that you do.

Aimee ~ VA

International Trade Analyst

I opened to intuition and evolved past my buttons. After years of understanding attraction, I’m finally attracting and creating in a very real way. What a gift!…

I came to Leah at a time when I was transitioning out of a long career, running a business, being really left-brained, living in masculine energy because I knew I was not well and it was not serving me. I slowed down and learned to receive and how to be open to intuition and being guided in my life vs controlling my life. I’m living in awareness now, observing behaviors and discomfort and reactions to things and I’ve evolved past my buttons. I’ve had an intellectual understanding of how to attract things for a really long time, but now I feel/know it in my body. It just kind of hit me over the head, like, Oh my God, I got it on my body, not just in my head, you know? I’m energetically putting what I want out there and so many things are showing up for me in my life! I’m attracting and creating in a very real way. What a gift!

Barbara ~ Toronto Canada

Business Development Consultant & Coach Facilitator

I now understand that ME time isn’t wasting time, It’s an energetic investment in myself.

I learned to release anger and resentment and instead ask for what I want. I can create my boundaries and speak my voice and take action on things now. I have a new job and it’s so good to get out of the house and be valued in a different way. I now really get that it’s ok to show up and be me. It’s ok to not know. Everything I’ve learned has dropped in to work together and make moving forward feel possible. The Master calendar and Leah’s planner finally clicked for me too! I use it most of all to plug in me time and I’m doing things like taking time to wake up gently and slowly and then I have more capacity for getting kids off to school and going to work. I now understand Me time isn’t wasting time, it’s an energetic investment in myself.

Julie ~ VA

Esthetician + Mom

I’ve taken giant leaps in all areas and awakened to my true self.

I’ve done private work with Leah, group programs , women’s retreats and even a couple’s retreat with my husband. I could not have ever dreamed up a more qualified, patient, caring, smart, balanced, honest, beautiful soul to guide me through the journey of awakening to my true being. I’ve always had the desire for deeper meaning and connection in life but to have someone there to help me take giant leaps in all areas-consciousness, emotions, spirituality, self love and care, nutrition, biochemistry, fitness-it is all priceless. I learned to let my guard down enough to let the experience of becoming whole occur. I broke through intense anger that had been growing in me for years and years. I learned to ask for what I need and want. I lost 20 lbs and counting and I’m exploring new career opportunities and passions. Leah showed me the gift of me! She’s created a ripple in womankind that will last forever and I will live in humble gratitude for what she’s brought to my life.

Holly ~ SC

Retreat Chef + Mom

At 62 years old, I’m having a coming out party and becoming the person I really am…

In general, I find that I’m more relaxed. I’m not as overwhelmed. I get out of things quicker. I’m using my time, better getting more things done. I’ve shared so much in this group that I haven’t shared a lot in place before. It felt safe. I’m learning to look at that language I use differently. I feel like I’m just moving faster in general. Before, I was meditating every day, but still experienced a lot of fidgetiness. At 62 years old, I’m having a coming out party and becoming the person I always was meant to be and really am!

Ruthe ~ PA

Therapist + Coach

I transformed my self-identity and opened my heart to love

My goal was to undergo necessary internal shifts which would enable my heart to open to attract love. I had no clue what that would entail as Leah is not a dating coach but a spiritual and energy teacher. The support Leah provided me through her activation exercises and coaching enabled me to do just that. I underwent several self identity transformations and discovered my life purpose at the same time!!! I also aligned all my chakras and opened my crown chakra. I am now a powerful goddess! I am forever grateful to Leah/ I would not have gotten to this place this fast if it was not for her.

Angela ~ Canada