Our culture honors smart thinkers. We even call them a Genius.

But the full definition of a genius is “an exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability.”

Even Einstein said “I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.”

In this episode, I’m proposing something radical vs rational. I’m sharing what’s possible when we start leading our business and our life not from our head…but from our body.

I’m sharing 3 steps to move into your body as a regular practice for making decisions, formulating strategy, and solving problems. The result?

A beautiful blend of greater success, deeper fulfillment and bountiful joy and abundance  in your biz and in your life.

Because, after all, you are here to serve your Divine purpose and follow your soul-driven passions and the vehicle to travel that path is indeed…your body.

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Hello Sweet Soul, I'm Leah Lund! I’m an unshakeable believer of possibility, an EGO mind checker, a subconscious belief shifter, and a Child of God devoted to clearing all that blocks you from being your most powerful self.  I’m an Energy Coach, Spiritual Leader, Hypnotherapist & Breathwork Guide and I’m known for helping soul-driven entrepreneurs and business leaders ground their mind and align their vibration with their deepest desires and create wealth and abundance in every area of their life. 

As a leader of transformation retreats, adventure travel excursions, and powerful group and private coaching and online programs,  I’ve helped countless powerful creators get out of their head and their comfort zone as they learn to manage their energy and make their soul’s purpose their new reality.