Life is meant to be enjoyed and YOU are meant to feel good…no matter what is going on around you. Everything is energy yet few people know how to manage theirs in a way that allows them to achieve more with greater ease.

That’s where I come in.

I’m devoted to helping you balance the pursuit of your desires with the other responsibilities in your life without getting derailed or depleted by overwhelm, self-doubt, self-sabotage, fear or feeling like it’s all too much. I’ll teach you to create your most fulfilling life without sacrificing your health, energy or time.

That’s energy mastery and the life you’re here to experience!


Sovereign Soul

Welcome Beautiful Being!
It’s no accident you’re here.

You are soul-driven…meant to live a big, fulfilling life.

And living your purpose and full potential doesn’t have to be so hard.

You’re ready to get out of your head and into your soul so you can start creating your desired reality with more ease and flow. This is the place to unlearn the hustle and reconnect with the Divine.

Join me for this 30-Day Living Practice where you’ll finally feel what it’s like to live with greater ease, flow and connection with your Higher Power.

Vibrant Woman Accelerator


If you’ve been…

Feeling a heaviness from denying (or not realizing) your dreams and passions, therefore settling

Questioning the choices you’ve made, and experiencing regret, restlessness and/or fear of running-out-of-time

Showing signs of stress and wondering if you’ll ever feel what it’s like to live your purpose

There is a proven, tangible way to free yourself from past programming or fear of the future so you can be vibrant and make this chapter your best chapter yet!

Spiritual Wealth Creation

Calling all spiritually conscious leaders…
The time is ripe to truly embody the frequency of creation so you can birth a new reality…for you and for our world.

What if you’ve been going about it all wrong?
What if even though you know what you want and you understand how attraction works…
something is off and that something is creating a discord within that’s been making it impossible to realize your life goals?


What if you can learn how to master your energy to finally bring those seemingly impossible life goals into your reality right now? So you can finally live a life of wealth, time and energy freedom!

Join me and a sacred community of soul-driven women and entrepreneurs on a mission!

Manage Your Energy Beyond Time – Monthly Vision Activation Workshop

It’s TIME to stop believing the myth that if you push more and put in more time now, then SOME DAY you’ll get ahead, create your desired reality and maybe have a little time left over for yourself, your family, your health and your personal interests.

The “old way” of over-extending, over-scheduling and over-exerting is outdated.

The new paradigm is here…and even when we go about trying to get things done the way it always worked in the past…by doing, pushing, hustling…it’s no longer working.

Join me for this Monthly Vision Activation Workshop and for a powerful lesson and practice managing your energy beyond your time.

Up-level your Workshop Experience!

Grab a copy of my Inspirement Life™ planner – a weekly planner like no other that helps you breathe life into your dreams and pursue those desires by mastering your energy.

Soul-Driven Success

There are endless possibilities available to you when you get out of your head and ground in your body and use the power of your own energy to erase, eradicate, eliminate and remove old programming and imprints without “thinking” about it at all.

Ready to attune your energy to the frequency of your Soul’s deepest desires?

Now is the perfect time to begin to create your desires and share your gifts from a frequency state of ease.

In this free series, you’ll experience:
Module 1: Tuning in to Divine Guidance
Module 2: Expand Your Capacity to Do More With Greater Ease
Module 3: Going Beyond Money Mindset to Wealth Frequency

Grab this Complimentary 3-Part Training + Activation Series now so you can unlearn the hustle and reconnect with Divine energy flow.

Energy Medicine: The Evolution of Wellness

The “secret” to wellness lies in the frequency of your body, mind and soul.

Every cell in our body has an electrical charge, and the voltage of the cell membrane determines our vitality, energy and longevity. We can think of the body as a flashlight. Overtime our “light” can become dim due to stress, toxicity of the environment and inflammation. AND…

The frequency technology exists to RECHARGE our light and REVITALIZE our cells for:
• Weight Loss
• Increased Energy
• Faster Recovery and Healing
• Pain Reduction
• Anti-aging and Beauty
• Improved Nutritional Absorption
• Bioenergetic Balance
• Fitness and Stamina
• Mental clarity
And so much more.

Listen to this Complimentary Masterclass and put the power of quantum science right into the palm of your hand.

What’s possible for you with laser-focused, loving mentorship and unshakeable faith guiding you every step of the way to your highest potential health, happiness and success?

You’ve worked hard and accomplished a lot. Life looks “good on paper” from the outside, but deep inside you know you’re meant for more.

Your current reality isn’t matching all of your desires.
And that’s OK.

Because through awareness, you can begin the process of inner alignment with what it is you DO want…for your health, career, relationships, wealth and most fulfilling life.

Evolve is a deep, immersive experience where you’ll cultivate the most important relationship in your life: your relationship with yourself.

  • You’ll experience true self-embodiment as you drop out of your head and back into your body.
  • You’ll begin to hear Higher Power guidance and act on it.
  • You’ll grow the capacity to pursue your soul’s desires while balancing the other priorities in your life without getting derailed by overwhelm, self-doubt, self-sabotage, fear or feeling like it’s all too much.
  • You’ll create your most fulfilling life without sacrificing your health, energy or time.

That’s energy mastery at its best and it’s the key to your next level well-being and life.

Evolve is available in 6- or 12-month packages and by application only so we both feel sure that we’re a good fit.

Rapid Transformational Therapy®

Reprogram outdated patterns and beliefs and get unstuck from behaviors or mental states that seem unchangeable.

These sessions are a potent form of therapy that combines hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, CBT, and neuroscience principles to achieve fast and permanent results.

Your 2-hour session includes:

  • Consultation on focus of session
    RTT® session
  • Audio Recording
  • 21 Day Messaging Support

Popular session topics are: Weight Loss, Cravings & Addictions, Depression & Anxiety, Cell Regeneration & Healing, Cancer, Sleep Issues, Overcoming Grief, Bereavement & Loss, Success/Wealth/Attraction Wiring.

Session Investment $497

Quantum Wellness Session

As human beings we are only about 4% solid matter and the other 96%
is invisible waves of energy. Every thought, every disease, every organ, every cell and every state of mental, emotional and physical health has a frequency that can be harmonized and directed for optimal well-being.

In your Quantum Wellness Session, we’ll use a quantum sensor frequency device (Healy) to analyze your bioenergetic field and/or aura and then send you harmonizing frequencies to bring you back into balance. Blended with German New Medicine and Trauma Release processes, you’ll release stuck emotional energy imprints that have been holding you back. This is a bypass of the mind to release energetic blocks and align with your goals on a frequency level. You’ll also learn a listening process to tune into Higher Power guidance so you can confidently move forward.

Your 90 min session includes:

  • Consultation on focus of session
  • Frequency Analysis + Summary Report
  • Frequency Session
  • Frequencies will be sent to you 3 x a week for 21 days
  • Recommended Daily Rituals to sustain your vibration

Popular Session topics are: Trauma Release, Stress Recovery, Anxiety/Mental Wellness, Calmness & Relation, Sleep, Focus & Attention, Chakra Balancing, Digital Nutrition, Psyche

Session Investment $375

Align Your Vibration With Your Desires Coaching Session for You or Your Business

You were born of the light and here in this 3D life to live your Divine purpose and highest potential. This session is designed to be your springboard to next level health, happiness and success through energy mastery.

In your Align Your Vibration Coaching Session, we’ll laser in on your #1 priority and uncover what is getting in the way or blocking it from your current reality. I’ll help you uncover areas of your life where you are out of alignment with what you desire. Based on my practical magic blend of tools including Breathwork, Brain Coaching, Neuro Nutrient Therapy, Frequency Therapy, Spiritual Expansion Techniques, Laughter Yoga™, Hypnotherapy, New German Medicine, Ancestral Healing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Holistic Health Coaching, NeuroScience and Energy Psychology, I’ll map out a unique plan for your realignment and results. You’ll also learn a listening process to tune into Higher Power guidance so you can confidently move forward.

Your 90 min session includes:

  • Pre -Session Intention Setting
  • Align Your Vibration Session
  • 7 Days of Frequency Transmission
  • 10 Day Messaging Support

For the Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Healers: Just like you, your business/practice has a vibration that can be out of alignment with your goals. In the Align Your Vibration Coaching Session you choose the topic and the topic can be your business or professional success.

Session Investment $375